Custom PC's

JEM Custom Built PC

For those businesses and indiviuals that are looking for increased performance and increased longevity in their new computer and server purchases, JEM builds a custom computer that is designed to your individual needs and usage. It is surprisingly inexpensive and carries the finest warranty in the industry - bar none. Nobody - not anybody builds 'em better than JEM.


  • Do you need a computer that is reliable?
  • Do you want it to do meet all your needs?
  • Do you want it last longer than the national brand?
  • We'll custom build a computer to your specific needs and requirements so that it does all the things on your wish list! And does them without the system crawling.
  • And the price will flabbergast you. You'll wonder why you waited so long.
  • Game player? Check out our prices - we blow away the competition.
  • All JEM custom Computers have the most outstanding warranty in the business.

What Can Jem Do For You
  • We are network & backup specialists
  • We can protect you from disaster
  • We are virus and malware specialists
  • We can save you money