In-Store Repair - Microsoft & Intel Certified

Is your computer slow?Do you have popups? Spyware? Viruses? Would you like to have your computer returened to it's original condition?

Bring your computer into our shop and our certified technicians will determine why your system isn't operating at its full potential. If you wish, we can probably return your computer to it's original speed and efficiency. We are Pros at what we do.! Once the problem is determined the technician will discuss payment options with you so that you can best decide what is best for you and your computer. Our goal, at all times, is save you money while increasing the performance of your system. When you bring your system into our shop, you don't need to worry about the loss of your precious data. We take the steps necessary to preserve your data.

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Cleaning - Microsoft & Intel Certified

Is your computer full of dust? Does it run hotter than it used to?

Then this is the service plan for you! Our Cleaning service can extend the life of your computer and helps protect your investment! With this service our technicians will remove all the dust and dirt that's been drawn into your computer by daily use; they'll also clean each and every component in the computer which restores top performance! Cleaning is an In-Shop service.

Regularly $19.95 - NOW $9.95 for a limited time only

What Can Jem Do For You
  • We are network & backup specialists
  • We can protect you from disaster
  • We are virus and malware specialists
  • We can save you money