Dr. Ronald Rosenberg

Dear Ken,

      Once again, I thank you for servicing my lap top which I purchased from Jem Computersearly in 2010.  Like many people of my ilk, I am a highly educated professional who came late to computers.
      My initial foray in 2005 like many neophytes was to buy a mass produced computer (Dell) and peripherals “on line” including an at-home installation and set up.  But, then, whenever I needed help (large or small), it was to a “help desk” thousands of miles away in Mumbai, Mexico, or G-D knows where!!!  I got scripted answers, canned responses, and very little explanation of things if my question(s) were beyond simple.  At times I almost had to “scream” on the top of my lungs that I needed to “escalate” my problem to a “higher tech.”

      My computer crashed.  By then, I had come to the blunt realization that computers would be an integral part of my life, and I needed close-at-hand tech support.
       Jem computers has exactly fit that bill!!   As “small potatoes,” I have been treated with the same courtesy, respect, and level of service as your “larger” clientele such as hospitals, small businesses, professional group practices, etc.  I don’t know the industry standard, but your three year warranty policy seems quite generous to me.

      Ken, you can consider this letter an unrestricted endorsement of the quality of service that jem provides to us “low tech little guys.”  You may use this letter any way that you wish.
      I look forward to Jem Computersmeeting my technology needs.

Yours truly,
Ron Rosenberg, PhD
Ron Rosenberg, PhD


Burholme Emergency Medical Services

"JEM Computers has been our single source for IT support since 1999. Being an Emergency Medical Service provider JEM understands the critical needs of our organization in maintaining a reliable and dependable IT system. JEM Computers has both met and exceeded our expectations. We have confidently recommended them to our partner EMS services who have been equally impressed."

Tim Hinchcliff-Managing Director
Burholme Emergency Medical Service
Philadelphia, PA


Gallagher Fluid Seals, Inc.

"I just had to take time to compliment you and your staff on a job well done. Our latest server acquisition and migration were an example of the quality I have come to expect over the many years we have been in business together. Your staff is quick, reliable and willing to work around my hectic schedule. I would like to recognize an individual in particular, Rey Colón, for his outstanding performance. Rey is alwasy re-arranging his schedule for our company and always willing to go beyond the call of duty. There have been many instances when I call on Rey and no matter how busy he is there is always a prompt response. Let this letter be a testament of the quality of products and service your company provides. In an era where you can buy bundled PC's from just about any department store, it is evident your level of service is what keep us coming back to JEM Computer & Electronics Distributor."

Margie S. Todd
Chief Technology Officer



Urban Family Council

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say “thank you” for your continued service to our organization. For many years, your staff has been instrumental in helping UFC grow with the times. Your expertise has been vital and your willingness to go that important extra step has saved us in times of crisis. It is obvious to us that you know the computer business well, and that you keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Personally, I think you all are reading tech manuals at your bedside before dozing off after a hard days’ work. All joking aside, we appreciate you and are grateful to have you as our consultants, and as our friends. Urban Family Council is pleased to recommend JEM Computers to anyone and everyone who may inquire. Again, thanks a lot. Let’s keep working together!"

Christopher A. Pender, Sr.

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