JEM Warranty - The best in the Industry

The JEM Warranty is unique and comprehensive. Our warranty differs from other Microsoft System Builders with an added value. Most of our business level computers have a 3 year JEM Warranty. For example: if you purchased a server or PC from any of the major manufacturers and the hard drive failed, that compnay would first have to determine that fact. When that manufacturer agrees that the hard drive failed and it is still under warranty, they would then ship you another drive to replace the one that failed. You will have to give them a credit card number to insure that you return the failed part to them within a pre-determined window of time. Now it is up to you to physically replace the drive, reinstall the operating system, and to replace any recoverable data that was on the failed drive. Warranties that provide additional service are available, but at a much higher cost.

JEM's warranty eliminates the "red-tape" that is commonplace with Dell, HP, Levovo and Gaterway customers, to name just a few. If a JEM provided hard drive fails within the warranty period (usually 3 years), we will replace it, reinstall the operating system and transfer all recoverable data. All at no additional cost and no time delay. (Travel charges may apply)

All of our technicians are required to actually build computers. So when a member of your staff calls here, they get a tech that absolutely knows what hes talking about and cares about solving your problem.

What Can Jem Do For You
  • We are network & backup specialists
  • We can protect you from disaster
  • We are virus and malware specialists
  • We can save you money