Why Choose JEM?

JEM Seervice vans
Why JEM All our techs are required to build systems. In this way, our techs can promptly tell if it's a hardware problem or a software problem, saving you hours of down time and reducing your costs.
Why JEM We specialize in Small Business Firms with 2 to 75 users.
Why JEM Our in-shop techs are trained in every aspect of computer repair.
Why JEM In-Home networks receive the same high quality techs & hardware.
Why JEM Problem solving & troubleshooting. We are the best. We make the complicated simple.
Why JEM We have the very best warranty in the industry.
Why JEM We've been in Business Since 1942. We've been building custom computers for over 20 years.
Why JEM Our Staff is the most skilled and caring - bar none.
What Can Jem Do For You
  • We are network & backup specialists
  • We can protect you from disaster
  • We are virus and malware specialists
  • We can save you money